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Parent Info

Code of Conduct

  • Be a role model to your child.

  • The game is for your child, not for you.

  • Encourage and support your child in meeting his/her responsibilities.

  • Set a good example by your conduct and sportsmanship.

  • Do not engage in inappropriate behavior during practices, games, team or club sponsored events and/or tournaments

  • Do not direct the play of the game, yell instructions to any player, or attempt to coach from the sideline, unless as directed by the coach.

  • Save vocal encouragement until after a good play. "Run", "shoot", "pass", are not good examples of vocal encouragement.

  • Do not argue with or criticize the referee or assistant referees.

  • Any abuse or improper conduct by a parent toward a player, coach, referee or League member will be cause for that person and respective child to be expelled from the League without a refund.  

  • Recognize and praise skillful play by both teams.

  • Give positive reinforcement and cheer for the team.  Do not yell or ridicule.

  • Learn the Rules of the Game.

  • Conform to the rules established by the League.

  • Do not bring dogs to practices and games.

  • Appreciate the volunteers for the League, including your child's coaches and team parents/managers.

  • Code of conduct must be signed and adhered to or your child will not play.

  • Parents must stand in the designated areas of the field during games.

  • Parents must stay off the field during practices or games unless authorized by the coach.

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